You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts

You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts

This is the fourth in a series of articles based on the teachings found in the success classic “The Science of Getting Rich”, written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. This book-now in the public domain–is essential reading for anyone who wants to become wealthy. It served as inspiration for the hit film, “The Secret”.

The first principle in the science of getting rich is that you create your reality with your thoughts. As we saw in the previous article, the raw material of all things is an intelligent, living, formless substance. Mr. Wattles goes on to explain that forms are created or impressed into this formless substance by thoughts. Everything that exists was first a thought which caused original substance to take the form of that thought.

A thought does not create instantaneous results, but, instead, it starts in motion the forces which will produce the material manifestation of that which has been thought about along established lines of growth.

Mr. Wattles offers the construction of a house as an example. The thought of constructing a house will not cause the instant formation of a house, but it will cause the turning of the energies working in trade and commerce to move along the lines necessary for the construction of the house. That is, the creative forces are set to work in and through their regular channels of action, but directed toward you.

When a person has a thought, they hold an image of the thought in their mind. This image is communicated to the formless substance and begins to take shape in said substance, until it is manifested in material form. That is, a person causes the formation, or creation, of the thing they’re thinking about.

Therefore, doing things in “a certain way” which will create wealth begins by thinking in a certain way. More specifically, it begins by thinking about what you want in a sustained and continuous manner.

A magnet sends out vibrations that exert a force that will attract certain materials to it, such as iron and steel. If you place a nail near a magnet, it would be attracted to it. Magnetization occurs because the magnet causes particles called electrons in the atoms of the nail to align along the magnet’s lines of force.

Likewise, your thoughts create a force field of energy that radiates from you and attracts into your life the things that you’re thinking about. Every person who has become wealthy or successful has done so by holding the idea of wealth and success in their minds long enough and hard enough until they drew into their lives the resources they needed to accomplish it.

Because you create your reality with your thoughts, you have to master the ability to think only about those things which you want to manifest into your life. Do not let your mind wander to the negative or to what you don’t want, since that will cause the attraction of those things toward you.

It requires great effort to think about what you want when all appearances are to the contrary. For example, right now you may be broke, and the appearance of poverty will produce corresponding thoughts in your mind, such as all your unpaid bills, the car which has just been repossessed, and so on.

Regardless of appearances, you have to hold on to the truth that there is no poverty, only abundance. This requires great effort, but it is of vital importance that you do so. As stated before, if you’re constantly thinking about your unpaid bills and your empty driveway, these are the thoughts you will continue to impress into the formless substance.

The power necessary to think of abundance when surrounded by poverty, or to think of health when surrounded by disease, comes from grasping the following truths:

• There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made.

• A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.

• A person can impress their thoughts into the formless substance and cause the creation of the thing they are thinking about.

When you realize that thought produces tangible riches from the formless substance, you lose all doubt and fear, because at this point you’ll know that you can create whatever you want, and you can become whatever you want to be. Begin to acquire the ability to think about what you want continuously, regardless of what may be going on around you at the moment.

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