What Are the Top Challenges Faced by Medical Assistants Today?

What Are the Top Challenges Faced by Medical Assistants Today?

Today, medical assistant is one of the best careers with great prospect and lucrative income. However there are many tough challenges that one needs to face to become a qualified medical assistant.

a. Medical assistants should possess high tolerance level of patience, as they will always be the first one whom the patients will log their complaints and irritations with, and they are also the one who need to deal and consult these upset patients, which is very challenging in fact.

b.Not everyone is suitable and can be a medical assistant; there are many prerequisites which any potential medical assistants should have, such as they should have at least an high school diploma, with pleasant and positive personality, great in multitasking, well organized and detail oriented, with good understanding and concern for their patients health and recovery.

c. Medical assistants need to be excellent in their communication skills and able to communicate well with all levels of people whom they are seeing and working with everyday, inclusive of the nurses, physicians, surgeons, patients and many more. Some people are really gifted for they are able to get acquainted well with new people they met easily; while others will need to keep on learning on the fly to improve their communication skills especially in their working place.

d. Medical assistants are often being mistaken to be the same as nurses. When this happened, the medical assistant need to correct this ‘misconception’ and clarify the necessary to the patients patiently and clearly.

e. A medical assistant need to anticipate the need to work additional long hours most of the time and they need to be on standby mode at any one time even during their off days, public holidays, weekends or festive seasons. This will happen especially if there are emergencies or special needs.

f. Especially for those medical assistants who are working in the ER ward (Emergency Rescue Ward), if they get too attached to their patients, they will encounter self emotional breakdown whenever any of their patients passed away and some could not get over this depression within a short period of time.

g. A medical assistant is responsible for most of the administrative and clerical duties in the place where they are working in, no matter it is in the general clinics, hospitals, health care center or nursing center. He/she needs to be capable in handling multiple and different tasks and is responsible to ensure smooth administrative operations of where he/she works in.

h. One of the toughest challenges which the medical assistant need to face and deal with is that, even if the condition of the patients’ illness is not getting any better or maybe have became serious, the medical assistant still needs to continuously encouraging their patients to be positive and they will get better or recovery soon. This may be very difficult for those who are new in this field.

i. Lastly, there may be circumstances or medical associates such as the doctors or nurses who refuse to listen to feedback or advice, but insist for things to get done in their own ways. This might not be a challenge for medical assistants only, but in almost every career field, we might face the same issue. Reduce your engagement with such associates might be one of the wisest action to take in this case.

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