The Expectant Father – Book Review

The Expectant Father – Book Review

“The Expectant Father” was the first book I purchased when I found out I was going to be a new dad. Written by two magazine and newspaper contributors, Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash, the book lays down a solid foundation for clueless dads-to-be looking to grasp the fundamentals of their new situation.

The authors do a really great job of covering basic pregnancy information from the man’s point of view. The book is broken down by months; each month’s chapter will have a short section on the things you, your baby and your partner may all be going through. In addition to that there will be a subject high lighted in that chapter. Topics that are covered are: paying for the birth, child and college, communication, telling the world, work and family changes, the birth and many others.

The book is not written by medical professionals which gives the book a very familiar and conversational feel. You get the feeling that it’s more like one of your buddies talking to you than a biology text book. The book isn’t devoid of valuable medical input though. The authors site and incorporate tons of information from doctors, midwives, psychologists and others. This combined with the relatively short 198 pages makes it an easy read.

One thing that I found distracting was that the book is organized by months while everything in pregnancy is calculated by weeks. Yeah the math isn’t hard, but sometimes big things can happen from week to week. Also you get a lot of information thrown at you that may not apply right away. For example; the authors delve deep into college funds in the second month’s chapter. This wave of information sometimes was too much to completely absorb and I find myself often re-reading chapters when the month actually arrives.

In conclusion, “The Expectant Father” is a great book if you just found out you are going to be a new dad. It gives you a good base to start off with, but will not be the only baby book you need. I recommend combining this book with a woman’s preganancy week-by-week book (that I am sure your partner has already) to get a better picture of the entire pregnancy. All in all this book is worth the money and does a fantastic job of introducing you to the wide world of pregnancy.

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