Religious Education Should Be Chronological for A Reason

Religious Education Should Be Chronological for A Reason

Many people browse this website, then one after another, looking to discover bible scriptures that fulfills their constant pursuit of learning all the contents of the bible. Having constant and repetitious exposure to the bible empowers to grow in your daily walk of spiritual growth. But to develop a more intimate relationship with God, you must indulge in the bible wholeheartedly, reading the book in a sequence that builds on itself as you progress in your studies.

When looking for religious education, the first book you refer to is the Bible. And even when considering indulging in the books and chapters contained within this historical masterpiece, the sheer number of pages to read and interpret can seem insurmountable. And while many people attempt to read the Bible from cover to cover in the order presented, it is more beneficial to rearrange the chapters so that, when reading, you will adequately capture the revealed character of God with a profound and meaningful understanding of the scriptures. By rearranging the chapters of the book so that you are reading the events in chronological order, you will be empowered with the structure needed to grasp a complete understanding of the messages deeply embedded in the text of the bible.

Understand the Progression of Compound Meanings

If you read the bible out of chronological order, you tend to imagine each story as an independent event. Even more, it is hard to envision how each story fuels the significance of other events. That is because you cannot grasp the intertwining elements of each event. As a result, you also overlook the similarities, comparisons and parallels that reveal God’s instructions and teachings because the correlations remain hidden.

But by reading the bible in chronological order, you will better understand how each chapter relates to the others. That is especially important when reading the stories of the bible because the meanings of each story are not independent of each other. Rather, there is a progressive intertwine of lessons and morals that are compounded over time. That means that the most important concepts to learn that are located near the end of the biblical chronological time table require that you fully understand preciously occurring events for you to be able to envision the perspective that God intended. It is nearly impossible to gain a complete and well-rounded understanding of some stories without knowing the history of events that led up to that occurrence. That is why reading the bible in chronological order is so essential to the enjoyment and meaningfulness of reading the bible.

Identify and Differentiate Incorrect Teachings

It is easy to find one interpretation of a sermon, then find another one that contradicts what you have learned. There are a few different reasons why the stories of the bible do not always align. Some of the reasons are attributed to the different versions of the bible. Other causes for the various understandings derived from the same passages are rooted in how the meanings are paraphrased when communicated from one person to another. Yet and still, there are times when the confusion can simply be attributed to reading the passages in the wrong order.

Even more, by reading the bible in chronological order, you can listen to any other person’s interpretation of a scripture, passage or story of the bible and know if they are telling the complete story as it is represented in the bible, or if they are providing an interpretation that misstates the true meaning or correct details. Whether you are identifying incorrect teachings or uncovering the reasons behind contradictions, reading the bible in chronological empowers you to know when you are hearing a sermon or scripture being repeated wrong. It will also prevent you from taking on the wrong interpretation of a story and unknowingly misrepresenting the stories of the bible.


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