Money VS Education – Don’t Feel Screwed If You Were Born in a Poor Family!

Money VS Education – Don’t Feel Screwed If You Were Born in a Poor Family!

Oh, yeah! You have to learn to understand the consequence of these two words which many people have been confused for years! Today, I just want to show you how it works and encourage some people who are not happy that they were born in a poor family. You don’t have a chance to grab money to put in your pocket right away on the day you were born, but you do have one best chance to grab and let money run back to you and that best chance must be an Education.

Being born in a rich family and being born in a fully educational family- which one will you choose? I don’t care whatever you choose but I will stand up straight and tell you that I will choose Eduction. I used to think and complain why I wasn’t born in a rich family, but until recently I just know you don’t need to have money to make money. Education is your money maker machine.

Although, you were born in a rich family, but if you do not know how to use or multiple your money wisely, before or after you will end up broke. Money is like a mysterious weapon- you never know when will it hit you. Money is your good friend as well as your dangerous enemy.

Never think of money before you get yourself an education- being born in a poor or rich family is nothing different but the difference is how much eduction you will pursue.

Stop worrying about money, get yourself a good education and money will come around. Like they says “Money can be stolen and create you in different pictures, but your eduction is always loyal and remains with you till the rest of your life”.

For myself, I wasn’t born in a rich family either. My parents were separated when I was young. my life was completely horrible. when it comes to food- Lunch & Dinner: One chicken’s or duck’s egg was shared with 4 people (mom, me and my other two brothers ) most of the times so you know what I mean by that, but I am so blessed because I have such a great mother.

Example: As everyone knows I make a living online by having many of websites and earn money from third party ads and affiliates, etc.

I don’t use money to make money- I use my education and leadership to make money- I sit at home while money is running to my bank account everyday. This is the magic and yet powerful of education I have, of course I spend on hosting and promotion but it is very minimal. I can do it- surely, you can too! I am taking another step now and that is becoming an Investor!

Don’t just be sad and sit around do nothing! Here are Steps you have to take right now if you want to be successful and avoid your poor life!

1. Be smart and don’t be lazy

2. Believe in yourself and never give up your self-encouragement

3. Get a good education, ask yourself what you want and who you will become in your near future, and have a solid plan and stick to it

4. Get a job- a job is not a wealth builder but at least it gives you seed to keep your life alive day by day and gives you strength to climb up the high hill A job is a first step of the ladder before you get yourself to the top

5. Refresh your mind by reading a lot money and business books and any related articles- give yourself a good rest, keep your life alert and active so you will catch up with the changes of the modern world

6. Stay close to smart people, make friend, and get mentor

7. Never save money- put your money to invest in Gold, Real Estate, or whatever your passion leads you

8. Quit your job- start making automatic income, and become a real investor

9. Keep pursuing education especially financial education

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