How to Write Convincing and Highly Professional Resignation Letter?

How to Write Convincing and Highly Professional Resignation Letter?

Moving ahead in career is what every individual aims for but the way of career development make sure you do not hurt sentiments of people. It is true that in professional life there is no space for emotions. But your wrong move in office might affect your colleagues in another way. So make sure you maintain professionalism while drafting resignation letter.

Whether conditions between you and your employer are good or bad, it is essential to make use of polite language in your letter. Never be rude to your boss before moving to other company. Understand the importance of business relations as you might not know in future which relation will help you to proper ahead.

How to make it convincing?

• Mentioning reason of resignation in short – It is preferable to always mention the true reason as this will put forward your true and frank behavior. Do not exaggerate the things while mentioning reason as this might create wrong impression. Keep it simple and short so that employer can find it convincing.

• Appreciating the knowledge you acquired in the firm – Never forget the person who had guided you to move ahead in your career. You always learn from experience and never lose anything. So make it a good experience and give your regards to their efforts enforced behind you. This will make you courteous enough and will also create good impact on employer.

• Ending it on a positive note – Being negative with your employer is not at all a good idea. Express your thankfulness and end the resignation letter in a positive manner. Whether you had good or bad experience, it is essential to conduct professional approach and be good on paper.

How to make it professional?

• Using quality paper – Do not write resume just for the sake of formality. Write it in a decent manner using accurate language and quality paper. Definitely employer is not going to view your resume for more than two minutes, but just to have a professional conduct you need to make use of quality paper.

• Keeping proper font size – See to it that you make use of proper font size and font face. Where ever necessary, make use of bold or underlined letters. In short it can be said that make proper use of features of word document and draft a resignation letter with professional approach.

• Giving proper notice period – This is one of the most important criteria as leaving company without any notice period creates bad impact on your career graph. As per the norms of company you need to give notice period and move ahead with work in the same manner.

• Formal approach – Formal approach is not all about writing good letter but it is also about presenting it in a professional manner. Don’t try to be too sweet as this would somewhere make your writing fake. Keep it simple and decent.

As far as resignation format is concerned, all you need to do is move online and get the suitable format. Considering the above mentioned step can make your resignation letter convincing as well as professional.

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