How To Become A Bartender In Australia

How To Become A Bartender In Australia

Bartending is one of the oldest professions in the world, it is also a way to work and earn a great living while traveling around the Australia and having fun. A popular employment option for backpackers wanting to travel around Australia, University students needing to work around their busy schedules and of course the increasing number of people looking at bartending a career choice.

In Australia however, it is not a career that you can just walk into and start. You will need to undergo some training and have a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate before you can be considered for a bartending position. Holding a RSA Certificate is mandatory in Australia and any premises that lets you serve alcohol without one is breaking the law.

To gain an RSA Certificate is relatively convenient. You can take the course online, at a Tafe collage or private institution anywhere around the country.

During your RSA Certificate training you will become familiar with:

  • Learning and understanding the effects of alcohol on society and a person’s health
  • How to identify who to refuse service and how to deal with these patrons
  • Understanding and knowledge of liquor legislations and the consequences/penalties that are enforced in Australia
  • Helping patrons drink within the laws enforced in Australia
  • How to assist a patron if they have become overly affected by alcohol
  • As well as other industry news, regulations and skills

Other skills that will help you gain a bartending job in Australia:

  • Drink knowledge – The most common skill that is needed in Australia is how to pour a fantastic beer. Australian’s are very critical on the perfect beer pour and the common pour from the rest of the world will not make the grade here. Knowledge of spirits and cocktails is also advisable, but can also be learnt easily on the job.
  • Personality – Having a great personality will help you elevate your bartending career. A happy bartender will keep patrons in a happy mood, happy patrons are more likely to spend money of beverages and leave bigger tips. The really good bartenders will earn more from tips than their wage.
  • Flexibility – A bartending career can cover a range of tasks, from customer service to stock control. It can also let you work at any time of day if you can make yourself available. Employers are also likely to favour the bartender that shows flexibility in the workplace.

Don’t delay in taking the first step to becoming a bartender, complete an RSA course and you will not look back on your decision on becoming a bartender.

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