How Do Allowing Statements Help the Law of Attraction?

How Do Allowing Statements Help the Law of Attraction?

There are three steps to activate the law of attraction. First you must identify what you want. Often this is done by identifying what you don’t want and then, stating the exact opposite.

The second step is to give attention to your desire. Some refer to this step simply as asking. In this step you make your intention known and put out positive vibrations to attract what you want

The third and often the most difficult step is allowing. In the allowing step you get ready to receive. In order to receive, you must remove all doubt and any negative vibrations.

If you are sure about what you want, are clear about asking, but doubt it will happen, it will not come your way. The negative thoughts will create resistance.

Michael Losier coined the term allowing statement in his book “The Law of Attraction. Allowing statements can help you deal with doubt and negative thoughts by following a simple process. Allowing statements allow you to remove doubt by creating a possibility. You can create this possibility by asking yourself some simple questions.

Here’s an example of how the process works. Let’s say your desire is to attract abundance and wealth. While you want wealth, you have doubts you can attain it because of your educational background. Perhaps you did not finish college.

Now, some simple questions enter into the equation. The first question is, “Is there anyone on the planet who became wealthy without the benefit of a college education? The obvious answer is yes and your research will back this up.

The next question to ask is “If so, how many, people today, yesterday, and so on became wealthy without attending college? Throughout the ages, the answer is simply lots of people. This knowledge can now be used to counteract any doubt you may have.

We can now construct an allowing statement. In some ways, it is similar to an affirmation, but it is targeted directly at the doubt you have uncovered. Here is your allowing statement in this example. “Lots of people have become wealthy without attending college.”

This statement will now counteract the limiting belief that cast doubt over your ability to manifest what you desire. The positive proof that your attainment is possible can now help you to allow the manifestation to occur in your life.

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