Help Heal Fibromyalgia by Balancing Acid and Alkaline Levels

Help Heal Fibromyalgia by Balancing Acid and Alkaline Levels

One of the single most important indicators to your health is the pH of your blood and tissues-how acidic or alkaline it is. The term pH stands for "potential of hydrogen" -it's a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH of a substance is measured on a scale from 0.00 to 14.00. The midpoint, 7.00, is neutral: neither alkaline nor acid. Water (assuming it is reasonably unpolluted) has a pH of 7.0. The lower the number is, the more acidic the solution and the higher the number is, the more alkaline the solution.

All of the fluids of the body, with the exception of those in the stomach, depend on an alkaline environment for the entire metabolic process to function smoothly. Chronic over-acid corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. The Oslo study also surveyed patients with various rheumatic disorders, including FM, on disease symptoms and diet. What they found was that 80% of the Fibromyalgia group reported exacerbation of their disease symptoms including increased pain, stiffness and joint swelling after the intake of certain foods. Some of the top offending foods were listed as meat, wine, and coffee-all of which are highly acidic. Similar findings by investigators at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Pennsylvania on Fibromyalgia sufferers reported that highly acidic foods such as red meat, pasteurized cows milk, white flour products, sugar containing foods, caffeine, and chocolate all seem to trigger more muscle pain.

Because your internal systems operate in a slightly alkaline environment the goal, then is to create the proper alkaline balance within your body. The way to do that is by eating the proper balance of alkaline and acid foods. When foods are broken down by your digestive tract a residue is left called ash which can alter the body's acidity or alkalinity. Depending on the chemical composition of the ash it is acid, alkaline, or neutral. This is not to be confused with the immediate acidity of a food. Oranges and lemons, for example, are acid due to their citric acid content. However, citric acid is completely metabolized and the net effect of eating an orange or a lemon is to alkalize the body, hence it is classified as alkaline-forming. High-protein foods like meat, which make up such a large portion of the standard American diets (SAD), leave acid ash. Fruits and vegetables (with a few exceptions) leave alkaline ash.

By reducing the amount of high-protein, acid ash-producing foods, your internal environmental conditions become right for optimum health. Roughly 80 percent of our diets should come from alkaline-forming foods, and 20 percent from acid-forming foods. Let's take a look at the basic four food groups that are the cornerstones of most diets to see how they stack up in terms of their pH value:

• Meats, Poultry, Fish – Very Acid
• Dairy Products, Eggs – Acid
• Cereals, Grains – Acid
• Fruits, Vegetables – Alkaline

When we follow the advice instilled in us through our lives on the importance of including a balance of each of these groups in our daily diets (for example, the Food Guide Pyramid), we can see that our daily diets contain 75 percent acid ash foods And only 25 percent alkaline ash foods. By switching these ratios around to favor fruits and especially green vegetables as 75-80 percent of your diet you will see immediate improvement in your health. It will bring you increased quality and quantity of life. Your energy will increase, many chronic health conditions will improve or lose, you'll find new mental clarity and powers of concentration, you'll build strength and stamina, and you'll lose excess body fat while increasing muscle mass.

Your entire body will function more efficiently, achy joints and tired muscles will disappear, and you will regain all the effortless energy and wellness you thought was lost completely. It truly will make all the difference to your health and happiness – guaranteed.

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