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Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers

Computers are available in different shapes, sizes and weights, due to these different shapes and sizes they perform different sorts of jobs from one another.

They can also be classified in different ways. All the computers are designed by the qualified computer architectures that design these machines as their requirements.

A computer that is used in a home differs in size and shape from the computer being used in a hospital. Computers act as a server in large buildings, while the computer also differs in size and shape performing its job as a weather forecaster.

A student carrying a laptop with him to his college is different in shape and size from all the computers mentioned above.

Here we are going to introduce different classifications of computers one by one. We will discuss what are in classifications and what job they perform.

Super computer

The biggest in size, the most expensive in price than any other is classified and known as super computer. It can process trillions of instructions in seconds. This computer is not used as a PC in a home neither by a student in a college.

Governments specially use this type of computer for their different calculations and heavy jobs. Different industries also use this huge computer for designing their products.

In most of the Hollywood’s movies it is used for animation purposes. This kind of computer is also helpful for forecasting weather reports worldwide.


Another giant in computers after the super computer is Mainframe, which can also process millions of instruction per second and capable of accessing billions of data.

This computer is commonly used in big hospitals, air line reservations companies, and many other huge companies prefer mainframe because of its capability of retrieving data on a huge basis.

This is normally to expensive and out of reach from a salary-based person who wants a computer for his home.

This kind of computer can cost up to thousands of dollars.


This computer is next in he line but less offers less than mainframe in work and performance. These are the computers, which are mostly preferred by the small type of business personals, colleges, etc.

Personal computers

Almost all the computer users are familiar with the personal computers. They normally know what the personal computer is and what are its functions.

This is the computer mostly preferred by the home users. These computers are lesser in cost than the computers given above and also, small in size; they are also called PCs in short for Personal computers.

This computer is small in size and you can easily arrange it to fit in your single bedroom with its all accommodation. Today this is thought to be the most popular computer in all.

Notebook computers

Having a small size and low weight the notebook is easy to carry to anywhere. A student can take it with him/her to his/her school in his/her bag with his/her book.

This is easy to carry around and preferred by students …

Feng Shui Tips For Career And Business Success

Feng Shui Tips For Career And Business Success

Very few people get great success in a career or business without some luck! Or is it luck? What is that extra ingredient permanently all the hard work in the world will not get you success in a career journey or business adventure.

Feng Shui has knowledge that is more than luck that does not leave life's fortunes to chance. The Ancient Masters of Feng Shui worked out patterns to control and attract success in many life areas. This knowledge is available today and is simple to apply and is better than hoping for luck in fact its has an amazing dynamic to attract luck.

Ihave interviewed several successful business people and those who had successful careers and the universal comments are – hard work, network contacts, two years at least to build,
and finally you must have some luck.

So lets look at the luck concept, the one ingredient that is not absolutely in your control. With Feng Shui luck or good fortune is attracted by arranging your inner house design to allow the universal energy of 'Chi' to flow freely and harmoniously. There are several factors that come into play here.

In your bedroom is the foot of your bed facing the doorway? Did you know this is called the 'coffin position' so change the position of your bed to ideally have wall on one side and good welcoming light from a window on the other and not pointing doorwards. When you create this positioning you are creating a 'Sheng Chi' energy flow in your life. This is the positive chi energy and your career aspects will be lifted.

Your working desk is important, as this is symbolic of work and careers. Make sure you do not have your back facing sharp edges as this creates negative effects for you. If you can not change the location then neutralize the area with plant or crystal behind you as you work at the desk. Ideally your work position should be at the south of the Ba Gua Map for best energy flow for a successful career

Removing clutter from a working space or indeed any living area is very important for career prospects. Clutter being loose papers, scattered books and documents and generally messy work environment. Many of us say "I know where everything is" but in Feng Shui knowledge you are diminishing career opportunities while you live with the mess

Concern clutter your front door is a vital area to stop or attract opportunity. The front door to the house is the mouth of the house, it is the entrance point for all good things or bad things and it is important to take care with this entrance by keeping the entrance area clean, open and light filled. If you have a small-darkened entrance hallway you can expand the chi of the area by placing a small oval mirror at the end o the passageway and facing directly the entrance doorway.

Do you have in mind the picture …

Choosing the Right Online Education Program

Choosing the Right Online Education Program

My main motivations for wanting an advanced degree were to teach and to earn extra money doing it. As I've discovered from my years as an online instructor, many people enroll in school for many reasons. I've found that the overall main reason is self-improvement. More and more people are discovering that their chances for advancing at work will only improve if they have a college degree, whether it's a two-year, four-year or post-graduate degree.

The reasons people decide to return to school vary. Here are some comments from some of my past students on why they went back to school (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

"I am 50, married for 33 years have 6 children … I decided to go back to school because my husband started his business about 6 years ago I started doing the books and found out that I need some help … I made up mind I can do anything. "
-Eleanor C.

"I quit school in the 11th grade then ever got my GED. My current major is business.
-Melissa A.

"After 27 years, the toll construction puts on your body, prompted me to do as I'm doing now. My degree will allow me to either take on a very good office job or do smaller businesses on my own."
-Dale R.

As you may have noticed, the comments appear to be older adults and they all deal with self-improvement. I've found the majority of my students are older adults, with jobs, and families. (Is that where you are in life right now?) They want to advance at work or they want to find a better job that requires some kind of degree. Some students are youngger people who started working right out of high school, might have a few community college courses under their belts, and want to continue their educations while they keep working.

So, why do most of these folks say they want to take classes? For the very same reasons: they are older adults, with jobs and families. They can not take or make the time to sit in a college classroom for several nights a week to earn a college degree. You are probably in the very same situation. I know that I was.

If you are diving into distance learning, you are part of a growing group. Research shows that the number of post-secondary students taking at least one online class is growing at a faster rate faster than the increase of overall higher education enrollments.

The main reason many students say they enroll in online education programs is convenience, as well as the schedule flexibility. Is that one of your main reasons? While there are assignment deadlines for discussions, tests and papers, students can work at their own pace to some degree. You will still have deadlines to meet but you can juggle your personal time to get it all done.

Online learning is becoming right for more people. I am sure …

How To Make Money From Your Dorm Room

How To Make Money From Your Dorm Room

A few years back I attended graduate school at an institution in downtown Chicago. Even though I was a graduate student, I chose to live in the dorm with the undergrads. It was much more fun that way way as the undergraduate students kept me quite entertained with their antics. For the students that did not hold regular jobs, there was a variety of opportunities available to make money. One of the most common ways for the guys was what we called "valet". Valet was an opportunity to go to some big fancy schmancy event and park rich people's very expensive cars for them. The only requirements for this job was to show up with black slacks, black shoes, a white dress shirt, and a drivers license. Black ties were provided. Let me tell you, there were some students doing valet service that I would never allow to drive my expensive car if I had one. If those people only knew. The guys that worked this job earned a small hourly wage, but made most of their money from tips.

What if you are in college and need to earn some money without having a regular job? Perhaps valet is not an option for you. Most college towns do not have too many valet opportunities. Perhaps you would prefer to earn money without having to run around outside or deal with the public. Have you considered the possibility of approaching a nice income right from your dorm room?

I'm going to assume that if you are a student in college that you have a computer. It is extremely rare for a college student to attempt going to college without taking their own PC. Most students even have laptops, which means that if you find a way to earn money online, you do not have to be limited to your dorm room. You could earn money from the library, the coffee shop, the lounge, etc. Wherever you can take your laptop computer, you can work at making money online.

Many college students are ideally suited for earning money online because they love to spend time on their computers surfing the internet. For students that are particularly computer and internet savvy, earning money online can be a very viable and lucrative opportunity if they can learn effective methods of online profit generation.

The most viable and most exciting opportunity to make money online is in the area of ​​affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you market a product and receive a commission when someone purchases the product as a result of your marketing efforts. Success in affiliate marketing requires a significant amount of knowledge. It is not as simple as throwing up an advertisement on the web and expecting money to start filtering into your bank account. Instead, one needs to know how to create web content that generates sales, where to post such content, and how to direct targeted traffic to that content.

So how does one go about gaining this …

A College’s Bait & Switch

A College’s Bait & Switch

Your child was accepted to a college which offered a financial aid package. And chances are good that the last paragraph of the award notice stated that the offer was good for all 4 years if a certain minimum GPA is maintained.

So far, so good. Everyone is clear on what is expected.

CAUTION: Some colleges do NOT write in this last paragraph for a reason: money. Their money. Money they don’t want to give away next year.

If your student’s award letter has no mention of maintaining a minimum GPA all four years of college, call the college and ask for the Director of Financial Aid. Ask if the award amount you received is guaranteed all 4 years. If the answer is “Yes,” but you don’t see it in the letter, it’s possible that it’s stated in the school’s financial aid policy statement. “Possible” means you’d better find out soon.

If you have access to the college’s policy statement on financial aid, but you see no mention of a guarantee for all 4 years based on a minimum GPA, ask for an email confirmation of the director’s “Yes” to be sent as soon as you conclude the conversation. If you don’t receive the confirmation within 5 days, call back the same person and discretely and gently ask for the email confirmation again. The email acts as a legal document in case you need it later.

I bet you see where this is going. Protect yourself against the possibility that the school is pulling a fast one. Most colleges don’t use this tactic, but if you don’t notice it, what will be your explanation to your child next year if there’s not enough financial aid coming from the school in the second year? What will be your recourse if the school says that they have a policy of not guaranteeing a similar aid package based on a minimum GPA, and that it isn’t their fault if you didn’t notice?

The devil is in the details.…

College Student Resume Examples For College Graduates

College Student Resume Examples For College Graduates

Every student has to know sooner or later how to write a college resume. Despite the fact that there are countless good college resume examples to be found online, writing your own resume is not as easy as you think. The first difficulty is that your career goals might not be as defined as you desired it yet. Sometimes you might be unaware even about the industry you want to work in, and sure you will not have a lot of professional experience to back your goals.

You should not worry much about these difficulties instead you should start building your resume around them. If you know what experiences you want to emphasize, you will have no problem in choosing the appropriate one of the dozens of available college resume examples. Never write a career goal because you feel it is a must: you should leave out the goals that are not very convincing to you. In the meantime, you should put accent on the qualifications you have: it is very important to include everything, from your educational background and seminars attended, awards received to personal exercises.

When you look despite a number of college resume examples, it will become obvious that your achievements in education are a very strong basis for a hiring decision. So it is important to include a full list of institutions you studied in, as well as all the workshops and seminars you participated in. By doing this you will show you have a strong motivation to learn, even if these studies do not have much in common with the job you are applying to. It is a good idea to write about the skills you gained from these classes, such as leadership or teamwork experience.

Before you decide on the proper format, it is important to look despite the college resume examples available online. By choosing a template, you do not have to worry about the format itself. You will see that there are three kinds of format used generally used for resumes. The most popular format is the chronological one, but many people also like the functional or combinational formats. If you review the samples online, you can easily decide which one works best for you.

Another important decision you will have to make is whether to use only plain sentences, lists, bulleted or numbered items? Each has its pros and cons, but if you take a look at college resume examples, you will make up your mind easier. You should also keep your resume short: two pages must not be exceeded, but usually one page is enough. …

Convert Ideas Into Success Stories

Convert Ideas Into Success Stories

Are you searching for a new job or career change? If you are planning to in the future then it's very likely that you will come into contact with a number of very different individuals, from a number of different companies all working in different levels of management.

In so many carers, people find themselves stuck in a rut, not making that promised promotion year after year, and unable to reach the job satisfaction or salary levels they truly deserve. If this sounds familiar to you and your current job, then have you ever considered a change of direction?

There is no shortage of work either. You can almost pick and choose which job in the industry you'd like. With over 80,000 current driving jobs, you'll not be left short looking for work.

People who leave their current employment in search for something more satisfying, fulfilling and challenging are often those who believe in taking control of situations.

The path you choose in the beginning of your career may not always be the best one in the long run.

In u can find jobs of all fields like IT, Sales, Banking and insurance, Engineering and many more …

We assure you that your resume will reach the top rated companies in India.

Think about it. Say goodbye to your current employer and become your own boss. Earn more money, with less stress and more flexibility. When you put it like that, it suddenly starts to make a lot of sense. …

Online Career Degrees – What You Need to Know

Online Career Degrees – What You Need to Know

Our reality has been revolutionized by the internet. With the advancement and development of the World Wide Web, everything in life has been made easy, and this even includes online career degrees. The education system has been made available through the internet the past few years and it is steadily increasing. Because of this there are a lot of legitimate and unaccredited online degrees which you should watch out for. One such bogus claim is providing for "free online career degrees." This means, you do not have to pay for anything. If you will look at it, cost should not be the primordial consideration but quality. If you are to get your degree online, they may as well have quality education. If you will compare this to the traditional education, no school or university will provide for a free Ph.D. Degree.

Choose the right online career degrees for you. There are a lot of career choices out there. Once you've decided on your concentration of study, you can now start looking for an online college that offers the degree you've chosen. The question now is, which on the proper college? The answer: accreditation. Look for the college that is accredited and their online career degrees are approved by the educational system. Legitimate colleges will have this written all over their websites. Be wary of those who do not.

Online education is a hassle free way of getting a degree. Do not let others dissuade you from it. Most often than not, online education is chosen by busy people, some professionals who want to earn another degree. The determination and willingness to study again and earn a new degree will be the driving force into pursuing this. It does not matter whether achieving the degree is with a traditional college or an online college. The instructions will still be the same, anyway.

The most important consideration in pursuing an online career degree is that it cost less than traditional colleges. There are no overhead expenses such as buildings, offices, and the like. Everything is merely done online. You have the learning and professionals teaching you online in the convenience of your own home. Just always remember that choose a right and reputable institution for you. Do your research on the institution as well as the degree you intend to take. Whatever happens, do not fall for those offering "free online degree" programs. …

New Plan Helps Pay Off Student Loans

New Plan Helps Pay Off Student Loans

So far, more than fifty million Americans have helped finance their college education with help from federal student loans. As graduates grow nervous about their chances in a volatile job market, federal regulators hope that a new reimbursement program can ease budget burden. Working in public service jobs or for non-profit agencies can also lead to long term debt forgiveness, allowing government leaders to attract more talented college graduates.

How Income Based Repayment Works
Under previous special payment plans, students could suspend loan payments when faced with sudden illness or job loss. With the new income based repayment plan, government loan officers can base a graduate's monthly payment on their monthly salary. By making regular, small payments under an IBR agreement, you can maintain your commitment to repaying government loans. If you maintain your loan in good standing and you meet certain criteria, the government may elect to forgive the balance of your loan.

For example, a lawyer working in a not-for-profit organization may earn about $ 45,000 per year after spending as much as $ 150,000 on career training. A typical law school graduate would ordinarily face student loan payments as high as $ 1,700 per month. However, under current guidelines, this student would only be required to make monthly payments of about $ 360 to pay back her student loan.

Because such a low payment would only cover part of the interest on the initial loan, the debt forgiveness aspect of an IBR plan can reward this student for her community service. After 25 years of regular payments, government regulators erase the remaining principal and interest. As the government wipes away more than a half million dollars in accrued interest, this graduate may choose to keep working or to enjoy a debt-free retirement. Plan participants working in certain government positions may qualify for debt forgiveness even sooner, after a period of just ten years.

How IBR Benefits Students
Income based reimbursement plans open up new opportunities for current and potential students to make college and career choices without focusing on the burden of hefty loan payments. Working adults in high-pressure industries may dream of stepping down to less stressful jobs that require specific career training. An IBR plan can help wafer the pay cut you may experience when shifting from a senior position in one field to an entry level job in another. If your circumstances change and you find yourself in a high-paying corporate job, your student loan payments should adjust to reflect your new salary.

Income Based Repayment Just One Option for Paying Down Student Loan Debt
IBR plans should become available during the summer of 2009 for graduating holding student loan accounts with the Department of Education or with a select private lender administrated by the Federal Family Education Loan Program. Furthermore, debt forgiveness options are available only to students participating in the Government's Direct Loan program. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from income based repayment options, financial advisors recommend consolidating your loans with …

How to Write a Career Objective Statement in Your Resume

How to Write a Career Objective Statement in Your Resume

Writing a career objective is an integral part of any job resume. In fact most employers will want to know about it more than anything else. If your career objective is well articulated and is in tune with the employer’s needs, you stand a better chance of being hired. Career objective is but one of the many elements that constitute a well written resume.

Before you sit down to write your career objective it is important to understand what it is. In short it can be defined as a personal statement that articulates what you wish to attain during work.

  • It’s Personal: There are many others who might have similar goals, but make it more relevant to your objectives in life – say what you are comfortable with and how you plan to achieve them.
  • It’s a Commitment: By stating your objectives in clear terms, you are able to identify who you are and how much you are determined to achieve them. If it closely linked to your employer’s needs; all the better for you.
  • It’s Action-oriented: By having an objective, you are able to take control of your life. You don’t get swayed away by occasional moods or get distracted by seemingly more lofty ideals.
  • It’s Directional: Clear objective help you keep moving in a focused direction. It will help you get information, plan for your future (and you employer’s) more objectively.
  • It’s Specific: Career objective must be very specific and convey a clear message to the readers. Generalizing your objectives is a pitfall you should avoid. Some broad terms like “challenging” or “successful” should be avoided; they are not relevant nowadays.

There are 5 major elements you can include in your career objective –

  1. Career Field: You can write about the major industry in which you would like to work – aviation, software, medical and retailing are some sectors that you can refer to in general terms.
  2. Position Field: If you wish to be a little more elaborate, you can consider talking about your designation you would like to attain. This particularly important if you are applying for a specific job position.
  3. Organizational Field: If you have any specific preference in which sector you would like to build you career, you should consider including it here. Typically there are two major types – service sector (includes education, banking, communications, aviation, shipping etc.) or manufacturing sector (includes car manufacture, shipbuilding etc).
  4. Functional Area Field: Here you can mention about the role you would like to play – technical, marketing, administrative, management and planning are some of the functional areas you will want to mention.
  5. Skills Field: Here you can tell something about the skills you have acquired in your previous employment, and the future plans for acquiring newer skills. The most common words you can use in writing include – administrative, human relations, management and so on.

It is not always a necessity to include all the elements in your career objective statement. Normally 3 should suffice, but including …