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Day: April 12, 2019

Online College Degrees – A Simple Direction

Online College Degrees – A Simple Direction

The internet has spoken about so many wonderful things in terms of communications and information discrimination. Many schools today are beginning to recognize the importance of the internet in the pursuit of education. This is why taking an online college degree is now becoming a thing of the future.

If you are a fulltime employee or busy family parent, you may find it difficult to balance your life well enough to make space for pursuing a college degree. This may be because you are thinking of education in a very traditional sense wherein you would have to drive to a college campus and actually attend classes and lectures. But if you want an alternative way to learn, online education is now something you can easily avail of.

By taking an online degree you are faced with the advantages of working on your degree requirements at your own time and pace. You will be given a curriculum and syllabus to follow, but since its approach is one of more independent learning, you will find that all it takes is some discipline and hard work on your part to finish your degree.

Before taking your degree it is very important that you choose the right school and a course that is accredited and recognized. Next, make sure this new pursuit is affordable. Aside from tuition and books, an online education entails a good internet connection and a good computer as well. Once you have everything in place, your college chosen, your costs paid, and your computer and connection ready, then you can start your online education degree. …

The One Piece of Career Change Advice I Got That Changed Everything

The One Piece of Career Change Advice I Got That Changed Everything

About 8 years ago I went to see a career counselor for some help. I was hiring he could offer some insight and help me change careers.

Wait. I need to be honest. I was really hoping he was psychic or had some magical power.

You see, I really hoped he could just look at me, hear my story, and then tell me with 100% certyty what job I was supposed to have. And oh, he would of course tell me that this job would make me lots of money.

It did not exactly work that way.

We met for over an hour. He asked me lots of questions and listened to me explain my frustration and confusion. I knew I wanted to change careers. I did not know what career I wanted to change to.

He then leaned in closer and said, "Annemarie, the thing is, no one I've ever worked with was ever surprised when they discovered their passion.
Hmmm. Really?

He said, "The job that would make you make happy is right in front of you."
Uh, are you sure?

You see, I was worried that the answer I was looking for was going to escape me forever because maybe I did not have a passion in the first place.

He gave me hope! He was telling me it was right in front of me. And you know what, he was right. Sure, I was thrilled when I discovered coaching was my purpose. But I also felt this calm, relaxed sensation-kind of like coming home to sleep in your own bed after being away for too long. I had been "doing coaching" for a very long time with people I knew. I just never took notice.

What career is peeking out at you from right under your nose?

Your dream career is something you're already doing or have done in some form, one way or another. We do whatever we can to express our true selves, whether we are getting paid for it or not.
Tonight, go home and ask yourself this question: "If money were no object, how would I love to spend my time?"

Let me know what you find out! For more ideas on how connecting with others will jumpstart your career change, check out 107 Tips for Changing Your Career While Still Paying the Bills …

Is Education the Key to Online Success?

Is Education the Key to Online Success?

Unlike most jobs in life where you're asked to provide a CV and a list of qualifications, setting up your own home based business allows you to be the master (or mistress) of your own destiny. No matter whether you have a string of GCSE's, a degree, a PhD, or no qualifications at all, you can enjoy online success. So if qualifications and education is not the key to online success, what is?

1. Not being afraid of hard work. If you fancy your chances at online success, do not ever be fooled into thinking it's the easy option. Online businesses require a huge amount of dedication, devotion and hard work. It's not simply a case of logging on and trotting down to the bank! One of the main keys to online success is relentless hard work. Dusting yourself down in the face of failure, getting back up and facing the challenges head on when you think you've tried everything and nothing is working. Now that's not easy!
2. Being a self starter. When you set up a home based business, you have the luxury of no one to answer to, no one asking you what you've done today, what you've achieved today or what you're planning for tomorrow. While that may sound idyllic, the downside is that we all need drive to make us achieve. We need something to push us to work and succeed when the pressure is on to do other things: to have coffee with friends; to walk the dog; to paint the spare bedroom … none of these things will help your online business become a success. You need to be able to motivate yourself. You need to set targets for yourself and achieve them. You need to measure your success and take action if it's not working out. In other words, you need to be a complete and devoted self starter.
3. Being interested in business. If you've always worked in a salaried position and have never been interested in the practicalities or the mechanics of business, it's possible that an online business is not for you. In order to succeed online you need to understand business and know how you're going to convert your idea into a money spinner. You need to study business and start to think with a "business head": you need to get into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur to have any chance of succeeding.
4. Having vision. One of the most important aspects of online success is vision. While most people are able to see the potential of a physical business (no matter whether it's selling products or services), some people struggle to see the possibilities of online businesses. In order to experience success online, you must be able to visualize your offering; visualize your potential customers and visualize your sales process and customer service procedure. You need to be able to see how you will set out your (virtual) stall and how you will present your offering …