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Day: April 3, 2019

Leadership Lessons From General H Norman Schwarzkopf

Leadership Lessons From General H Norman Schwarzkopf

H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. as a child dreamed of a military career.His father, H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr., had attended West Point, “served in WWI” and later in WWII rising to the rank of brigadier general in the U.S. Army. At the end of WWII, General Schwarzkopf, Sr. was posted in Iran and remained to help “organize and train the national police force”. ( H Norman Schwarzkopf)

Developing Discipline and Character:

In 1946, Brigadier General Schwarzkopf, Sr.’s family joined him in Iran. Norman, Jr. was 12 years old and attended school in Iran, and later in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. He became an outstanding student becoming fluent in French and German.

Developing Competence: Attending West Point:

Returning to the United States, like his father, Norman, Jr. attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. At West Point, along with his studies, he “played on the football team, wrestled, sang and conducted the chapel choir”. ( H Norman Schwarzkopf)

A Teacher’s Lesson Lasts A Lifetime:

While at West Point, Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr’s football team was taught by Assistant Coach Vince Lombardi his ’49’ “Lombardi Sweep”. This play would later become a staple in the Green Bay Packers dominance in the NFL under Lombardi’s leadership.

Lombardi Sweep: His ’49’:

Years later the eager, young Schwarzkopf was now General Schwarzkopf. He was 6’3″, and 240 pounds with a gruff and direct communication style, and he had a fearsome temper.

This temper and a hate for losing helped him lead his troops to victory during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. “He spoke French and German to coalition partners, showed awareness of Arab sensitivities and served as Gen. Colin Powell’s operative man on the ground.” (Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf-ABC News)

General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr would remember and use his own version of the “49 Lombardi Sweep” during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. This football play from his younger years helped play a crucial part in the United States Coalition victory of Desert Storm.

Ron Kramer, a former Green Bay Packer, All-American football player under Coach Vince Lombardi “was watching the news about Operation Desert Storm when he noticed General Norman Schwarzkopf detailing an assault by his forces into Iraq, using arrows and diagrams to illustrate the maneuvers.”

Kramer had played tight end for Green Bay from 1957 to 1964, squinted at his television screen. “He remembered that play. He had seen those arrows before!” Kramer recalls shouting at the television screen.

“I wrote a letter to General Schwarzkopf. I sent ’49’ to him and told him he had plagiarized Vince. He was at Army when Vince was there.”

General Schwarzkopf wrote back to Ron Kramer that “he had played football at West Point” and shared “his memories of the famous coach.” Related: Lombardi Sweep

Taking Action:

Schwarzkopf’s first assignment was “as executive officer of the 2nd Airborne Battle Group of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment at Fort Campbell, Kentucky”. Then he went to work “with the 101st Airborne, and with the 6th Infantry in West …

How to Handle Sudden Unemployment

How to Handle Sudden Unemployment

Unemployed or Un-empowered?

With our current worldwide recession now taking a firm hold, there are many people who have spent most of their working lives in one job and suddenly they have found themselves out of work and on the statistical ranks of the unemployed. Initially, just like their previous work mates, they simply accept their fate and go off home on that last fateful day of working. However, within a short period of time they find the second stage of affect starting to set in and with it can come depression and a feeling of panic and overwhelming thoughts. What will they do and where will they go from here they ask themselves and also statistically, there is a tendency for verbal aggression to suddenly become part of their life. They have been in the one job since leaving school all those years ago and as such, have had no other training or further education to prepare them for alternative work choices. This in itself can give rise to both panic and impulsivity.

In reality, if logical thought processes are retained and are working correctly, there are actually many options open to many of these people, although with the options there comes little or no assistance from our beloved Canadian Government. Without of course, you happen to qualify for Employment Insurance payments and want to count that as assistance. So what should these people do then? Firstly, they should sit down are draft out a new resume, as the chances are they have not done one for many years. They can find free help of resume writing on many of the job sites on the net, such as or and in drafting this document, it is important to make themselves stand out from the crowd in whatever way way they can . A resume is a selling exercise with which you wish to sell yourself to an unseen audience, sometimes the potential employer. Remember that even in times of recession, employers will always look seriously at anyone who appears to be good at presenting themselves and shows that they know what they are talking about.

The first page of a resume should be your covering letter and it can be far more important than anything stated within the resume itself. You really have to attract the employer and especially within the first nineteen words statistically speaking. Be bold and tell them straight why they would gain from employing you as against someone else and always remember, you only get one chance at giving a first impression. Tell them what you can bring to their table. Such as, reliability, dependability, work ethics, people skills, enthusiasm and an ongoing qualification to learn more. You are now looking for permanency of employment so let them know you are hiring, if successful in your application, to take the position on a long-term basis as employers really like to hear that. Before finishing your resume, do a little research on the net. …