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Day: August 26, 2018

Facing a Career Change

Facing a Career Change

Economic times are difficult today, and many people are facing a career change in order to maintain their standard of living. As scary as that may sound, it gives many people the opportunity to renew the passion they had for their specialty by finding something new that they can really be interested in.

Many people choose what they want to do in high school or their first year in college, and once they realize they have to spend the next 20+ years hammering that anvil, they find out it is not what they wanted at all. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for facing that change that will make the transition easier when it comes:

Be Passionate About Your New Career

Have you discovered what your true niche is? Some people realize what they really want to do while working in the career they previously chose, and once the time for change happens, they are able to truly concentrate on what they are passionate about. It is much easier to choose a position that you can commit to after you have gained more experience, began living a certain lifestyle, and are more confident in your abilities to manage a career path than when you are fresh out of high school. Put some time and effort into choosing a new career path that you will really enjoy.

Research New Training and Education

When you are faced with the change, it is important to prepare yourself properly for your next move. Be sure to look into different training programs and schools, determine whether you will only need an additional certification or license, or if a degree will be required. Ensure that the school or training program that you choose is creditable by checking its accreditation status and find out what other students experiences have been with that school. Feedback from students who have attended that institution is a great way to determine if that program will be worth your time, so be sure to seek out forums or reviews.

Prepare Your Budget and Finances

Many people do not appropriately prepare their budgets and budget for the career change they are facing. When a person changes careers, it is possible that they will not make the same amount of money they made, either in a lower amount or in a higher amount of their previous salary. If your new salary will be lower than the salary you were accustomed to, make a new budget, cut expenses and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your family will still be able to function. …

Campus Tours: Why Potential College Students Should Take One

Campus Tours: Why Potential College Students Should Take One

Campus Tours – How to Book One

Campus tours are an important part of choosing your college. You will want to be sure to visit several college campuses while you are looking and planning for college. You may find that the one college you thought was right for you, is not right at all. The best way to see a campus is when students are actively working and going to class there. Visit while school is in schedule instead of summer or winter breaks.

Between high school, your job and your parent's job, you may find it difficult to plan a good time to go visit campuses. Late summer and early September before your senior year of high school is usually an ideal time. If you are going to miss any school, be sure that you inform your school and professors ahead of time. Fall semesters and spring semesters are the best seasons to visit college campuses because the campus will be active and you will be able to get a taste of the school and how things work. Students should also consider visiting campuses before they apply. You should make sure that the college is a good fit for you before applying and paying application fees.

Many colleges have new student conferences after students have been accepted to the college. These activities are very involved and students even have the opportunity to stay in the dorm rooms at some campuses. They may have several activities for students as well as parents. Students are generally placed in groups with current students of the college and they learn about the history of the school and everything there is to do there.

Many students often wait until they have received their admission letters to decide which college they want to attend. This can put you in a tight time frame because most colleges do not send out there admission letters until April and may require a response by the first of May. This does not give you a very large time frame to visit several campuses, especially if they are out of state. Many colleges will invite accepted candidate to spend a few days on campus and will encourage them to enroll then. This is a good opportunity to see the college and make comparisons between the schools that you have already toured or accepted you.

The worst time to plan a camp tour is around holidays. The campus is generally shut down and the majority of the students are not there either. You may not even be able to get into some of the buildings during these periods either. Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter and spring breaks and the summer should be avoided. Exam weeks and weekends are also not very good times to visit. Check with admissions offices and they will be able to set you up with a date and possibly a tour guide. There are many students who work as guides and show prospective students and parents around the campus …