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3 Reasons Why You’re Waitlisted at Harvard

3 Reasons Why You’re Waitlisted at Harvard

There are 3 big reasons why you’re on the waitlist at an Ivy League school. They are:

1. You’re well-rounded, but no clear spikes

Do you have a high SAT score, are president of 2 clubs at school, and play on the varsity soccer team? You’re a well-rounded student, don’t get me wrong.

But let’s drop the false pretense that well-rounded students get into Ivy League schools. It simply isn’t true.

Colleges want well-rounded student bodies. But not every accepted student has to be a scholar-scientist-athlete-leader.

I briefly touch upon this point in my post on international students going to college as well.

What does this mean? It means that if you have a clear spike – you’ve always loved biology, started taking molecular biology classes at the local university in 10th grade, won national Science Olympiad medals in chemistry and international competitions in various things like Science Bowl, Oceanography Bowl, and the like, then you’ll get accepted over the well-rounded person described above.

2. You come from an unknown high school

Sad to say, colleges have feeder high schools. This happens because admissions committees know the high school well, they’re familiar with its academic standards, they know how tough it is, the strength of extracurricular programs and athletic teams, and so on. It’s easier for application readers to judge exactly how strong a student you are.

But if you go to Humble High School in Podunk, Illinois – where no student has ever attended an Ivy League school and only 50% of students go to 4-year colleges, then your chances are lower. It’s tougher to stand out. Even if you win nationally recognized prizes, your academic record and transcript will still be suspect. Your leadership positions in school clubs will be at a discount. Admissions committees are unsure about the quality of your achievements. It’s a fact.

3. Your essays don’t highlight your accomplishments

Essay topics are worth a whole series of posts, but let me say this: no one gets into top schools by writing about their cat, Woodrow Wilson, or when they got their first car.

Why? Because none of these topics, unless expertly written, refer back to your accomplishments. Personal stories are great, and discussing how your cat made you a more mature person is fine, but unless the story is shocking, it won’t leave an impression on the readers’ mind. In addition, it won’t help you advertise your strengths – on the basis of which your admissions decisions are made.

Always focus on personal stories that highlight your strongest accomplishments, and tell these stories in a way that puts your achievements – whether it’s sports, arts, or math – into context. How Woodrow Wilson made you love politics and want to change the world is okay, but how Woodrow Wilson made you love politics so much that you attended Boys Nation and started the first ever high school political magazine is much, much better.

You have to advertise yourself if you want to attend the …

Softball Hitting – 6 Tips to Get Out of a Slump

Softball Hitting – 6 Tips to Get Out of a Slump

This is probably the most frustrating thing in softball and every player will experience them in their career. Hitting slumps in softball are just part of the game like Gatorade or sunflower seeds. You can’t avoid them. Isn’t it one of the reasons what we call softball a sport of failure and that we all agree that it is such a mental sport?

However, while all ball players struggle periodically at the plate, the better hitters are able to minimize the length of their slumps. They do so by being more aware of what’s causing their slumps and what to do about it.

Hitting slumps are caused by a variety of factors and each hitter is different in what’s causing her slump, so it would stand to reason that each may be different in the method she employs to get back on the road of success. However, there are several hitting tips that the best softball hitters use to help them get out of their slumps. Here are a few softball hitting tips fight slumps.

1. Take extra batting practice. Taking extra batting practice makes sense, and it’s usually the first step taken by hitters in a slump. There is no substitute for hard work. The hitter should identify the fundamental flaw or error in approach, make the proper adjustment, and retrain her body to swing the bat the right way. She needs to get that feeling right again. Extra batting practice helps iron out the swing, and with that, it rebuilds confidence. When hitters put the time in away from competition, they develop a psychological edge that they carry into the game.

There is one extremely important point to understand. Before hopping in the batting cage, hitters must be absolutely sure that they’ve identified their problem and have a plan for making adjustments during batting practice. In other words, you don’t want to get good at doing something the wrong way. You don’t want to dig a bigger hole. You have to rehearse proper mechanics whenever you practice hitting.

2. Get back to the basics. In the midst of a slump, hitting can seem very complicated. In that case, it may help to simplify everything. A hitter should go back to what build his swing. Tee work and soft-toss drills allow a player to feel and focus on the fundamentals of the swing. A hitter should walk through basic drills and gradually build towards live batting practice. She may discover that her swing just needed a tune-up.

3. Visualize. When a hitter struggles, it’s easy to fall in the habit of expecting the worst. This is never a productive mindset for competitive softball players. Positive thoughts breed positive results especially in a sport like softball. A hitter should think back to when she was swinging the bat well. Recall hard-hit balls to the outfield gap, line drives up the middle, and stroked balls to the opposite field.

Before at bats, instruct the hitter to imagine the …

Important Fact About Forensic Nursing

Important Fact About Forensic Nursing

It was the year 1992 that began the use of the term forensic nursing. It was a team of around 70 nurses who started it all. The first case of forensic nursing began with the diagnosis of forensic team was an examination of a sexual assault, this examination and the team effort led to the formation of an international association known as IAFN or International Association of Forensic Nurses.

Nursing in forensic is quite different field than general nursing; forensic is that form of nursing which deals with collecting evidences and dealing with the victims. There are many investigations that are performed and these investigations depend upon the forensic nurses and the kind of work they do. Nursing in forensic also deals with performing various death investigations and even they deal with criminals and even victims of sexual assault. There are other works too that at times comes under forensic nursing, these might be counseling of any child who has gone off track, and there are chances that at times in nursing you may be even asked to train your colleagues to fight with injuries and treat patients with injuries.

Forensic nursing is basically a specialized clinical job which comes in picture at the time of any accident or even policing activities. The numbers of career opportunities in case of nursing in forensic are vast and these are ample career opportunities that are available. Forensic nursing is required in investigatory fields. There are chances that forensic nurses may get jobs with FBI or even other detective agencies. Mostly the work is within those agencies which are related to crime investigation or even other investigatory purposes.

Importance of forensic is on a steady increase and with the crime rate increasing day by day the use of forensic nursing field is also increasing. Forensic has become an important part of everyone’s life similar to the detective agencies or other security as forensic deals with finding out the exact reasons behind the crime and putting the motives and the evidences in right place.

Clinical nursing can be described as a new perspective in the field of science and investigation that deals with the management of crime and victim related activities. Forensic nursing has opened up lots or resources for nurses and has made their job more challenging and even interesting. Field of forensic has been a boon for judiciary and even it ahs stood out as the paramount of success in many ways and many a times when defining and giving way to any deferred case of investigation or any crime.

The scope for women in field of nursing has improved and thus it ahs given them freedom to explore other side of their profession too, and has also given a valuable tool in the hands of judiciary with the help of which judiciary can nail criminals.

Not only the criminal aspect but also professional aspects forensic nursing is a well paid job and nurses can lead a good well settled life after …

What Does Adjunct Mean?

What Does Adjunct Mean?

People frequently ask me, what does the word adjunct mean? This is usually followed up with the question, why do people want to be an adjunct? These are simple questions with multi-layered answers. The concept of being an adjunct professor can mean different things to different people. Likewise, there are many possible reasons a person would want to be an adjunct.

The classic dictionary definition of the word adjunct is, “Attached temporarily to staff” or, “Assigned temporarily or as an auxiliary member to the staff of an institution”. Thus, an adjunct is a part-time professor. However, these part-time professor do not necessarily have teaching duties. They can be in charge of science laboratories as well as those for math, statistics, foreign languages, and English. An adjunct professor can be hired to conduct research rather than teaching. In the traditional use of the term, an adjunct professor is hired to teach a specific subject on a course-by-course basis. Renewal of the teaching contract is based on the ability of the professor to teach well, the availability of funds, and student enrollments. Usually, part-time teachers are requested to teach for the institution every semester because good part-time professors are hard to find. Part-time professors are usually treated the same as full-time faculty and are held to the same standards. The advantage to being a part-time professor is that they have are no other duties. When the class is over for the day, the adjunct professor may leave and go home or to another teaching assignment at a different school. Full-time professors must go to committee meetings, provide guidance to students, have office hours, and many other tasks.

Many professionals make a career teaching as a part-time professor since they can devote all of their time to teaching classes and earning money. Others use adjunct teaching as a way to supplement their regular income. A few retired people have told me that they teach as an adjunct to remain busy and to keep their minds alert. Many people teach because it brings them prestige to be called a college professor or that it enhances their image as an authority in their field. Yet others teach because they feel uplifted because they are making a difference in the lives of their students. Regardless of the reasons people become professors, it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Most of my friends who are adjunct professors have embraced part-time teaching as a second career. They either retired early or quit their previous jobs. The fact that they are all successful in meeting their income goals indicates that this is a plausible career-path. This is not a way to get rich but it is a way to make a comfortable living.

If you wish to earn a substantial income as an adjunct professor, go to:…

Computer Profession in Career Astrology

Computer Profession in Career Astrology

Astrology is no doubt a Vedic science by which one person can get clear picture of his life if the analysis and calculations are taken into consideration in right means. Accurate employment probabilities are calculated by an efficient astrologer by carefully observing ones horoscope.

Factors responsible for computer profession

· Ascendant: general physical and mental abilities of the native

· 2nd house: significator of higher education, communication and speaking

· 3rd house: distance communication and transmission

· 5th house: intelligence and competition

· 7th house: business and service sector

· 10th house: main significator of profession and means of live hood of the native

· 11th house: income

· Rahu [dragon head]: significator of electronics

· Mercury: significator of calculations, accountancy,statistics and mathematics

· Venus: learning, expert mathematician,

· Saturn: stands for machinery

· Jupiter: highly educated, learned and, ambitious

Different combination for computer profession

· Jupiter in trine /quadrant, Venus is powerful and Mercury in the 2nd, the native will definitely opts for computer profession

· Jupiter in trine/quadrant, either Venus or mercury is exalted, the native will select computer line as profession

· Mars is posited in 2nd and aspected by benefice planets or Mars and moon combined in 2nd, the native will get a job in computer field.

· Rahu in 2nd, indicates computer education

· Jupiter is powerful and influencing 3rd/4th/6th/10th houses

· Mercury and Venus related in healthy way

Horoscope of Bill Gates [28/10/1955]

Ascendant –Gemini; Jupiter — 3rd house; Mars and Mercury –4th; Sun, Venus and Saturn — 5th; Rahu– 6th; Moon — 10th; Ketu — 12th.

· Lord of ascendant Mercury is exalted and aspecting 10th,

· Jupiter as 7th lord is aspecting 7th

· Lord of 9th [fate] Saturn is exalted and associated with Venus [the lord of 5th, indicates intellect and basic education] and Sun [the lord of 3rd, indicates communication and transmission].…

How to Write Convincing and Highly Professional Resignation Letter?

How to Write Convincing and Highly Professional Resignation Letter?

Moving ahead in career is what every individual aims for but the way of career development make sure you do not hurt sentiments of people. It is true that in professional life there is no space for emotions. But your wrong move in office might affect your colleagues in another way. So make sure you maintain professionalism while drafting resignation letter.

Whether conditions between you and your employer are good or bad, it is essential to make use of polite language in your letter. Never be rude to your boss before moving to other company. Understand the importance of business relations as you might not know in future which relation will help you to proper ahead.

How to make it convincing?

• Mentioning reason of resignation in short – It is preferable to always mention the true reason as this will put forward your true and frank behavior. Do not exaggerate the things while mentioning reason as this might create wrong impression. Keep it simple and short so that employer can find it convincing.

• Appreciating the knowledge you acquired in the firm – Never forget the person who had guided you to move ahead in your career. You always learn from experience and never lose anything. So make it a good experience and give your regards to their efforts enforced behind you. This will make you courteous enough and will also create good impact on employer.

• Ending it on a positive note – Being negative with your employer is not at all a good idea. Express your thankfulness and end the resignation letter in a positive manner. Whether you had good or bad experience, it is essential to conduct professional approach and be good on paper.

How to make it professional?

• Using quality paper – Do not write resume just for the sake of formality. Write it in a decent manner using accurate language and quality paper. Definitely employer is not going to view your resume for more than two minutes, but just to have a professional conduct you need to make use of quality paper.

• Keeping proper font size – See to it that you make use of proper font size and font face. Where ever necessary, make use of bold or underlined letters. In short it can be said that make proper use of features of word document and draft a resignation letter with professional approach.

• Giving proper notice period – This is one of the most important criteria as leaving company without any notice period creates bad impact on your career graph. As per the norms of company you need to give notice period and move ahead with work in the same manner.

• Formal approach – Formal approach is not all about writing good letter but it is also about presenting it in a professional manner. Don’t try to be too sweet as this would somewhere make your writing fake. Keep it simple and decent.

As far as resignation format is …

Jobs For People Who Have A Nurturing Disposition

Jobs For People Who Have A Nurturing Disposition

Sometimes it seems that certain people are just cut out for certain jobs. As a customer or patron, you may deal with a professional that leaves you feeling good about your exchange. In other cases, you may come across a person who is a terrible fit for their profession and you find yourself thinking the person chose poorly and their job is not a good fit for their personality. A lot of this depends on how nurturing a person is and whether they have chosen a nurturing profession. If you consider yourself nurturing and you feel rewarded by caring for others, there are a lot of job opportunities available to you. Health care is one of the best professions for caring individuals. Nursing jobs like caregiver jobs and CNA jobs are perfect for those with nurturing personalities. Health care requires that a person not just understand illness and disease, but that they understand human nature and be able to empathize with those experiencing health problems. The best healthcare professionals are nurturing, caring people.

Another option for caring people is to work with the elderly. As we age, many of the skills we once had diminish and we may need help with everything from grocery shopping to home maintenance. There are also times when we just want support and companionship. If you are a nurturing person, you can assist the elderly with their daily needs and work with them to keep them company and help them feel good about their lives in later years. Home care companions and working in an assisted living facility both offer opportunities for working with the elderly population.

Those who love working with children and who have compassionate personalities can work in childcare centers. While the inclination may be to go into teaching if you love working with kids, childcare allows you to have a more social relationship with children. You can work with younger children in childcare. Infants and toddlers truly need nurturing when they are left in a childcare environment most of the day without parents. Caregivers substitute as parents during the workday, a role traditional school teachers only partially play. Childcare teachers must have a willingness to show physical affection to children and if you have a desire to teach and guide, as well as give hugs and bandage skinned knees, working in a childcare center may be the right choice for you.

Customer support is often one of the most under-appreciated fields in business, but the best customer service representatives are nurturing, compassionate people. While it can make you weary listening to the complaints of people all day long, if you can offer a client a comforting experience, it will go a long way in making a good impression on behalf of your company.

Finally, one of the most important fields requiring compassion and a nurturing spirit is counseling. Great counselors possess a combination of knowledge and experience, as well as the desire to care for people. If you have a nurturing …

How to Find a Special Gift For a Graduation – VMI and W&L Examples

How to Find a Special Gift For a Graduation – VMI and W&L Examples

There is a cry of woe that can be heard across America sometime around June every year, and the words are always the same. “What should I give as a graduation gift?” The panic begins when you receive the graduation announcement and the dilemma compounds over time. Even at graduation day, you may still have doubts about the gift you have chosen for this momentous occasion.

Graduation giving leaves a majority of people totally stymied. In earlier times, the gift of choice was usually a pen, but surely that is now replaced by a computer or other new communication technology like a Blackberry, an iPhone or a Droid. The question is how many Droids can a newly released, just-out-of-school- graduate (now considered an adult) carry around?

Even before the graduation ceremony, memories of good old school days are already beginning to foment in the mind of your graduate-to-be. So, the secret to giving a fantastic gift of memories is simply to identify the characteristics that distinguish the graduate’s school or community from everywhere else in America.

If you can adopt this formula, your graduate will always be saying, “Thanks for the memory.” The formula goes like this: Geographic Features + Area History + School History = Perfect Graduation Gift.

What is Different about Your Graduate’s Town or School?

Most schools boast their own spectacular and sometimes peculiar geographic landmarks and historical features. For instance, Lexington, Virginia is a small town nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where there are two universities and a lot of history. Washington and Lee University (W&L) and Virginia Military Institute (VMI) are both renowned for their educational opportunities and charming for their colorful beginnings. With its real-life tales of heroes like George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and George C. Marshall, the town of Lexington, itself, offers a great guide to finding the perfect graduation gift.

A Town with a History of Heroes

Washington and Lee University began as the Augusta Academy in 1749 and was later (in 1796) endowed with a grant from George Washington, himself. In gratitude, the school was than named Washington Academy and later changed again to Washington College. After the Civil War, Robert E. Lee became President and when he died, the institution was renamed Washington and Lee University. W&L’s motto is Non incautus futuri, meaning “Not unmindful of the future,” an adaptation of the Lee family motto. Washington and Lee University has its own book shop and gift center, but there are gift shops in Lexington and online resources where you can find great ideas for W&L related gifts.

Founded in 1839, the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) remains the oldest state supported military college offering its cadets a military, disciplinary lifestyle. Prior to the American Civil War, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was a professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy there. On 14 different occasions in the midst of the Civil War, VMI cadets were called into active military duty, including serving at the Battle of New Market …

10 Radiology Scholarships and Grants

10 Radiology Scholarships and Grants

There are obviously more than 10 radiology scholarships and grants that you can apply for, but the following top scholarships and grants are among the best opportunities for educational financing in this field. Everyone wants a way to help pay for school, and radiology students are no different. The cost of an education can deter people from even considering college in the first place. If you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to pay for your ultrasound training, these 10 radiology scholarships and grants could provide just the right opportunity for you:

1. American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) Scholarships

2. Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography Scholarship – Alvin CC

3. Society for Vascular Ultrasound’s 2010 Anne Jones Scholarship

4. Society of Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) Scholarships

5. Sladek Critical Medical Career Scholarships

6. Trudy Dubinsky Memorial Scholarship

7. AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine) Scholarships

8. AMVETS Department of MI Nursing and Allied Health Program Scholarships

9. SDMS Educational Foundation General Scholarship

10. SDMS Presidential Scholarship

Radiology scholarships and grants can help take some of the burden of paying for school off your shoulders, so you can focus on your education and begin working towards a bright professional future. This is why so many organizations have taken the initiative to offer this financial aid to deserving students. Applying for grants and scholarships may sound daunting, but if you don’t apply you’ll never know what kind of free money you might get to pay for school.

If you don’t qualify for these and other radiology scholarships and grants, there is still hope – don’t give up on your education yet. There are also student loans from the federal government that do not need to be paid back until after college, with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans. So get started today. Visit the financial aid office at the school of your choice for more information about the scholarships and grants that are available, and make sure to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to in order to qualify for loans from the government. …

Interview: Duval Love

Interview: Duval Love

Duval Love is a former Offensive Lineman who graduated from UCLA and played 11 years in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals and made the Pro Bowl. I was honored when he agreed to meet with me to answer some questions for the website.

Who did you idolize in the NFL while growing up?

Well, I was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and a Minnesota Vikings fan. It’s kind of funny that I wasn’t really a Rams fan. I liked the Cowboys because the offensive line would do that little pause and go up, so I was immediately attracted to that. I was a huge fan of Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones, Randy White, and Pat Donovan and those types of guys. I always liked linemen. One of my favorite players was on the Miami Dolphins, Dwight Stevenson. He always kind of catered to the linemen. Growing up, I always watched the linemen and as I was getting older I wanted to see if I was reaching 6’2 or 6’3. One day, if I got that tall, I’d be able to play in the pros.

From High School to College to Professional, who was the one person who had the biggest impact on your life?

I’ll tell you the biggest impact is my dad. There’s no doubt about it. To see where he came from and the way he works and what he taught me is amazing. He didn’t go to school, just had a sixth grade education from the south. I’m the only child and my dad’s been there every step of the way, good or bad. I’ve got to take my hat off to him. My parents have been married 45 years and they’ve been real supportive through the good times, bad times, getting into the pros, the Pro Bowl and being indicted. I mean they’ve always been there. I have great parents and my dad’s always been there. He’s been like my big brother and a dad. He’s never let me down. He’s my role model.

A 10th round draft pick makes it. How often did you remind your teammates of this?

First of all, when I got drafted in the tenth round, I was devastated. Everybody was like, “Oh you got drafted!” and I felt like, “Tenth round. WOO. Let’s take off the zero and make it a one.” But you know, after you look back, I was fortunate enough to get drafted but I had my work cut out for me. It seems like in my life I have to do things the hard way. Nothing comes easy. I don’t have that luck of things just dropping in my lap. I always have to do things the hard way.

They had four Pro Bowlers on the line and three adequate back ups. My chances where slim-to-none and slim had just walked out. I lay on the bed that night looking at the roster and I thought, there is no …