How to Tick All the Boxes While Preparing for the UPSC Examinations?

How to Tick All the Boxes While Preparing for the UPSC Examinations?

Are you one of those young minds preparing for the UPSC(Union Service Public Commission) examinations shortly? Are you one of those souls who want to, on one of these days, be known as a revered officer in the Indian Administrative Services? Yes? Well, then you are at the right place because we understand your dream. We understand the passion that burns within you to savour that moment when you find out you have nailed the exams. Bring out your pens and papers. Draw boxes on it in a vertical manner and next to each box, write the statements that are about to tell you.During the course of your preparation, tick marks all the options one by one as you nail each target day by day.Let us begin!

1) Health comes first
Astressed-out mind and body can never achieve the goals that it seeks to accomplish. I know that you, dear reader, might be shaking your head at it but maintaining strong vitality during this phase is extremely crucial. You need to take out time for proper food, nutrition, exercise and sleep so that physically and mentally, your bodyis prepared for the task to come.

2) Basics work better than anything
A lot of students and aspirants become victims of muddled thinking and coursework because there are numerous textual, literary and various other outlets. You must understand that since there is no specific textbook or specific way in which one ought to prepare, the best thing is to lay a foundation over strong basics. Stick to your NCERT textbooks and exercises for your basic foundational work because you cannot build something solid over something weak.

3) Come up with a game plan

The founder of Chanakya IAS Academy,an organisation which caters to the preparation for Civil Services has time and again emphasized that it is important to understand the structure of the paper so that you are not in the blind. The general studies paper comprises of various topics spanning across History, General Awareness, Numeracy (also CSAT) and Current Affairs. So, any basic textbooks or guides for the same should suffice. The thrust is to create a system of organisation which is clear in your head so that your preparation remains as focussed as possible.

4) Rehearsal Time
It is very important to create notes of your own and practice as many mock papers that you can lay your hand on to have a sense of control over your preparation. It is also a wonderful way to see how your knowledge has truly assimilated. UPSC prelim answer keys become very crucial here. Try to lay your hands on them while you practice. You can access them easily from any sources online. The UPSC prelim answer key becomes relevant because a firm grasp over papers and their patterns over the past, practised systematically can bring out a sense of confidence which is only positive in nature.

5) Self-belief, faith and optimism

These concepts sound dramatic but play a major role because …

Religious Education Should Be Chronological for A Reason

Religious Education Should Be Chronological for A Reason

Many people browse this website, then one after another, looking to discover bible scriptures that fulfills their constant pursuit of learning all the contents of the bible. Having constant and repetitious exposure to the bible empowers to grow in your daily walk of spiritual growth. But to develop a more intimate relationship with God, you must indulge in the bible wholeheartedly, reading the book in a sequence that builds on itself as you progress in your studies.

When looking for religious education, the first book you refer to is the Bible. And even when considering indulging in the books and chapters contained within this historical masterpiece, the sheer number of pages to read and interpret can seem insurmountable. And while many people attempt to read the Bible from cover to cover in the order presented, it is more beneficial to rearrange the chapters so that, when reading, you will adequately capture the revealed character of God with a profound and meaningful understanding of the scriptures. By rearranging the chapters of the book so that you are reading the events in chronological order, you will be empowered with the structure needed to grasp a complete understanding of the messages deeply embedded in the text of the bible.

Understand the Progression of Compound Meanings

If you read the bible out of chronological order, you tend to imagine each story as an independent event. Even more, it is hard to envision how each story fuels the significance of other events. That is because you cannot grasp the intertwining elements of each event. As a result, you also overlook the similarities, comparisons and parallels that reveal God’s instructions and teachings because the correlations remain hidden.

But by reading the bible in chronological order, you will better understand how each chapter relates to the others. That is especially important when reading the stories of the bible because the meanings of each story are not independent of each other. Rather, there is a progressive intertwine of lessons and morals that are compounded over time. That means that the most important concepts to learn that are located near the end of the biblical chronological time table require that you fully understand preciously occurring events for you to be able to envision the perspective that God intended. It is nearly impossible to gain a complete and well-rounded understanding of some stories without knowing the history of events that led up to that occurrence. That is why reading the bible in chronological order is so essential to the enjoyment and meaningfulness of reading the bible.

Identify and Differentiate Incorrect Teachings

It is easy to find one interpretation of a sermon, then find another one that contradicts what you have learned. There are a few different reasons why the stories of the bible do not always align. Some of the reasons are attributed to the different versions of the bible. Other causes for the various understandings derived from the same passages are rooted in how the meanings are paraphrased …

Learning to Learn Again; Online Options for Adults Looking to Further Their Education

Learning to Learn Again; Online Options for Adults Looking to Further Their Education

Do you remember when you were a teenager and were in school? Ugh, what a horrible time, right?! All of the teachers trying to teach you information to prepare you for the world ahead while your brain is at the perfect stage of its growth cycle to absorb the information. Teachers were the worst!


And while, looking back, we wish we had paid attention in class, is it never too late to further your knowledge with additional learning. Below is a great article on how you can overcome many of the common challenges faced by adults looking to learn.

You Don’t Have to Go to School

Well, maybe you do, but you don’t have to attend a physical building. While nightschool is a great option for many adults, the requirement to attend a physical class at a time and date which can not be changed doesn’t work well with their lifestyle.

Instead, more and more adults are turning to online learning platforms, with the entirety of the learning taking place using online tools and services.


This level of distance learning allows each adult student to complete their required lessons at a time and in a space which is the most convenient for them. For example, if you have downtime during your daily commute you could squeeze in some online coursework on your laptop, such as a quiz which ended completion of some revision work which you needed to turn in.


One of the additional and less recognized benefits to the lack of a physical presence is the ability to offer a broader range of courses. For example, if you can’t get enough of the Groupon Coupons page for Sunglass Hut and think of yourself as quite the fashionista and would like to turn that into a business, you could complete a short course in fashion design and one in business management and learn everything you need to know.

Of course, your options aren’t limited to these two courses. Check online and see if any of your hobbies can be turned into potential careers. You never know, your talents could be wasted at your current job and a small amount of additional study could be the boost you need to change your life!


Of course, the biggest advantage which comes from a course being delivered entirely online is the reduction in the cost to students. After all, there is no building to lease, no lights to turn on, no cleaning to be done, and no administrative staff and lecturers to pay.

While this used to result in a lack of quality teachings, advancements in technology have allowed online learning institutions to provide high-quality online courses with genuine real-world benefits and application.

When it comes to studying as an adult, it’s important that you don’t restrict yourself to the idea that you need to attend a physical school tolerant anything valuable. While night courses and similar options offer many benefits they aren’t the only option for …

What an MBA Can Do For Your Career

What an MBA Can Do For Your Career

When it comes to being successful in the world of business, there’s very little that can compare to an MBA. These days, a typical undergraduate degree is simply not enough. In order to be competitive in your particular business niche, you need to have an MBA, or at least be considering getting one. Why?  There are plenty of things that an MBA can do for your career, including the following.

Provide You with Transferable Skills

Business school can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to take your career in the world of business to new heights. Although MBA students often look to careers in the finance or consulting realms, the skills that are acquired from an MBA program can be transferable to a host of other roles. These days, you will find an increasing number of MBA graduates working in health care, government, consumer goods, non-profits, and many more industries. The skills that are harnessed during an MBA will do a lot for you to help you find your way toward achieving your ultimate career goals. Check it out here.

Increased Job Security

While no job is truly 100% secure, you can certainly help to increase your job security with the job you are at if you hold an MBA. In fact, there is currently a very high demand for MBA-educated professionals in all realms of business. An MBA is also a powerful way to differentiate you from the overall marketplace, especially a competitive one like today’s. Recruiters claim that some of their corporate clients will only consider candidates with an MBA, which goes to show just how much leaders in business truly value this type of qualification.

Degree Specializations

The majority of MBA programs provide specializations that allow you to go deeper into a particular industry. These courses offer students a chance to test out a few different industries to see whether or not it makes a good fit prior to diving in. Adding a specialization to an MBA is a smart move for those who know precisely what they are looking to do with their career and who seek to build a much stronger skill set in that particular area. If you’re already aware that you are interested in a very specific niche, getting an MBA with a specialization can make you more marketable.

Networking Opportunities

Being in business school will give you plenty of opportunities to network with other like-minded and ambitious people from all over the world, which can boost your experience by exposing you to several business practices, cultures, and viewpoints. The connections you can make are an extremely valuable facet of the MBA, so ensure that you capitalize on the chances you get both in and out of the classroom throughout your MBA studies. Your alumni network can help you stay connected to your school and many professional opportunities that you can take advantage of throughout your career.

There are plenty of reasons to obtain an MBA. If you’re still on …

What Are the Skills Required to Enter Into the Mass Communication Field?

What Are the Skills Required to Enter Into the Mass Communication Field?

As the name suggests, Mass communication is that field of academia, where students are offered an insight into the several aspects of the various forms of media that includes print, electronic, as well as broadcasting media.

As a student of mass communication, one should be prepared to inform as well as influence the audiences. The applicants have to be confident, spontaneous, creative, innovative, interesting, unique, quick witted and approachable, as theses are some of the essential qualities required for entering the field of mass communication and media. Below mentioned are some of the qualities which every student planning to enroll in Bachelor in mass communication should possess:

· An eye for detail

If a person is looking for a career as a journalist/reporter, then they need to have an eye for detail. They should always make sure to give prior importance to the content. The information they are disseminating is going to influence in a certain way. Their ability to listen as well as analyze a person’s point of view that determines the ability of the person at its job.

· Inquisitive

An individual who is looking for a career in this field should be updated about the current happening around the world. Their adept knowledge and an inquisitiveness to know more would help them to go a long way.

· Keen awareness about media laws is important too

There is a certain framework of media ethics and laws under which the media works. One has to have a proper knowledge as well as understanding regarding such ethics. The media persons and students of mass communication should be aware of the thin line between responsible journalism, and defamation/invading the privacy of an individual.

· Creative, spontaneous, and unique

A media person has to be spontaneous, can think out of the box, as well as having the ability to present information regarding anything in a very creative and unique manner.

· Hardworking

This field might seem to be interesting, but again, the media and mass communication industry is very demanding and only favors the hard working. One should have the ability to work for long hours are some of the qualities required to excel in the field of mass communication.

· Extremely good communication skills

The good communication skills will not just help you land good projects, but makes it easier to build a rapport with your clients and colleagues, thus helping in making contacts.

If you boast all the qualities mentioned above, then you should not wait considering yourself taking admission in Mass Communication.…

Truck Driver Career – Long Term Career Goals

Truck Driver Career – Long Term Career Goals

Establishing long-term career goals early in your truck driver career helps you to reach them. When you set goals for yourself, you are able to focus your efforts on the process. Goal setting helps you to get to where you eventually want to be. Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking, planning and motivating yourself to make your vision a reality. Also, because you will be focused on your goals, you will be less likely to be distracted in your efforts.

If you are a newly licensed commercial truck driver you’ve already successfully reached an established goal to get to this point. You’ve worked hard and successfully met all of the extensive licensing requirements. You successfully completed your truck driver training, passed the commercial drivers license exam and the Department of Transportation Medical Exam.

Newly licensed drivers are often hired by trucking companies which will place them with an experienced driver who will be their trainer for a period of time. If this is your situation take advantage of this training period to learn as much as you can about the trucking industry. This includes learning as much as you can about your current employer. Also, get information from other truck drivers about the companies they work for. This will enable you to learn about the many truck driving opportunities that may be available to you once you gain more experience.

The majority of new commercial truck drivers are assigned to haul dry van freight. However, there are a number of truck driving job possibilities. When you are on the road look at trucks and trailers that other drivers are operating. Make notes if you see something that interests you. This can be drivers pulling flatbed trailers, wide loads, tankers, etc. If any of these types of loads interest you it is important that you learn more about the requirements needed to work in these areas of trucking.

Whereas experienced truck drivers already possess significant knowledge about the trucking industry, new drivers have a great deal to learn. This is why it is so important to do good research. Make a list of both positive and negative things you learn about various trucking companies. This should include the advantages and disadvantages of hauling different types of freight. Also, you should consider the type of income you want to earn.

You might want to own your own trucking company. If so, do comprehensive research plus talk to other drivers who own their companies. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own company. This will enable you to discover if you have the traits, skills and patience necessary to build a successful trucking company.

Good goal setting requires you to make realistic plans.Your plans should be very specific and achievable. Don’t frustrate yourself by making unrealistic plans. Also, it is important to talk to your trusted circle of friends to get honest feedback from them in addition to their support. Good research and planning will greatly benefit you in setting …

Short Introduction to Naturalist Charles Darwin

Short Introduction to Naturalist Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a British naturalist who devoted his life to the study of nature and geology. He is best known for his extensive contributions to the study of evolution.

Darwin was born in 1809 to a wealthy family. His father was a prominent doctor who influenced Darwin to study medicine in his youth. He was sent to continue in his footsteps at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. To his father’s dismay Darwin was squeamish during surgeries and uninterested in lectures.

Despite being enrolled at the best medical school in the UK Darwin focused his attention on theories that challenged religious entanglements with science. He became immersed in the study of marine invertebrates, and spent a great deal of time learning to classify plants and assemble the botany collection of the University Museum.

Darwin’s father attempted to reshape his interests again by transferring him to Cambridge’s Christ College. This course of education would have led Darwin to become an Anglican parson, but Darwin had other ideas. He spent a great deal of time on recreation, and on assembling a large beetle collection. He graduated in 1831 with an ordinary degree and a great deal of interest in natural theology. He had become a close friend of botanist and professor John Stevens Henslow who would subsequently recommend Darwin embark on an expedition on the HMS Beagle.

Darwin boarded the HMS Beagle in 1831 in the role of the gentleman naturalist. The five year voyage was intended to survey the South American coastline. Darwin assisted with geological surveys and kept a journal of his findings while also collecting fossils. At the end of the journey Darwin wrote that his findings seemed to reveal secrets about the origin of species. He’d also completed a great deal of experiential research pertaining to anthropology,geology, and zoology. Excerpts from his journals and letters had been distributed amongst scientific circles in England.

By March of 1837 as he organized his findings in writing Darwin mapped out his perception of an evolutionary tree. By June he was including his thoughts about sexual reproduction and lifespan as they applied to the adaptations of species. He used this research as a basis for his most famous theory of natural selection which was finally published in 1856.

Darwin died in 1882 at the age of 73 after a long life of scientific study. His published works provide immense value globally, and he has been described as among the most truly influential people in the world’s history.…

How to Get the Most Out of Joining the Military

How to Get the Most Out of Joining the Military

So you are thinking about joining the military and want to make good choices regarding your career from the start. Whether you decide to have a long successful career and retire or you want to be a short timer and get out after your first contract you can have a very successful career post military as a contractor or in the civilian sector. How fast you become successful depends how you spend your time while you are in the military but we will talk about that in another article. Will you have a job in the military that is marketable in the contracting world or the civilian sector? Most people who have been in the military have a marketable skill they can carry over to the contracting world or the civilian sector once they get out. I would like to say all of those who get out have the experience needed to become successful even though I hear some former military personnel say that is not the case and they learned nothing of value in the military. As hard as that is for me to believe I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say there may be a small percentage of people getting out of the military that have no skills to use in the contracting world or civilian job market. If that is the case they probably did not take the time to pick a good career path in the military and did not take any classes while they were in. I will discuss ways you can avoid getting yourself in this situation. At the very least make sure you get the GI bill when you enlist this way you have money for school you can use once you get out of the military. If you want there are ways to use your GI bill while you are still in the military so that is one option you have to increase your marketability before you get out.

When you finally make your decision to join and take that trip to the recruiter you should do a few things before you go there. Remember this is a big decision and the choices you make now will affect your career path for the next three or more years depending on the length of your enlistment. This is not going to be something you can quit if you don’t like it or change jobs into another field after a year. You are picking the career you are going to be in for at least three to four years. The military uses a test called the ASVAB test that they give you so they know what jobs you qualify for. If you pick a field you want to work in you must have a high enough ASVAB score before they let you enlist in the job field. Go to the ASVAB page on to take the tests and see how you do. You can also see the minimum ASVAB …

Cabin Crew Qualities and Suitability For the Job

Cabin Crew Qualities and Suitability For the Job

Embarking on a journey to become a full fledge cabin crew is an exciting journey but not without it’s challenges. Hence, it is important to be sure why, where and what the job entails in order to generate satisfaction from the career, financial and experience from the job as a cabin crew.

The objective of this chapter is to provide guidance and evaluation if this job is suitable for you. Very often, we leave this part of the job fit to the airline recruiter or interviewer. Of course, each of us would hope the interviewer accepts us regardless on whether we are a good candidate for the job. It is also possible that we try to mould ourselves to fit the job, as it is common for many to justify why the job is suitable for them.

Without proper evaluation, the journey of looking and working in this job can be frustrating and in many cases, disappointing due to the lack of understanding of the job requirements and it’s implication on career growth, mindset, financial management/behavior and lifestyle. It also affects longer term career interest, transition to ground positions and personal quality of life.

In the following paragraphs, we hope to provide into insights on what the cabin crew job entails as well as some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Knowledge and Suitability for the Job

Role of a Cabin Crew

1. What do you think the role of cabin crew involves / What do you think is the primary responsibility of a cabin crew?

Cabin crew are on board an aircraft for safety reasons. In case of a real life emergency, the cabin crew must ensure that passengers follow the captains instructions, use safety equipment correctly, and stay as calm as possible.

During the flight, the cabin crew spends a lot of time looking after the comfort of the passengers. This involves giving special attention to children traveling alone, disabled people or people who are ill. Crew must appear friendly and sympathetic to anyone needing help, advise, reassurance, sympathize or even, at times, firm persuasion.

Other duties during the flight includes preparing and serving meals and drinks and cleaning up afterwards, selling duty free goods, and helping passengers use in flight entertainment system. There is also paperwork to complete, this can include flight reports, customs and immigrations documents, accounts of duty free sales and meal and drink orders.

At the end of the flight, the crew makes sure the passengers leave the aircraft safely.

2. What kind of individuals would fit this role?

An individual who has the following ideal qualities:

a. Dedication to details

b. Assertiveness

c. Adaptability

d. Cross Cultural Understanding/Sensitivity

e. Organized

f. Rule oriented

g. Good listening skills

h. Stable Emotion

i. Discipline

j. Friendliness

k. Humble disposition

l. Honesty

m. Sincerity

n. Warm personality

o. Approachability

g. Sense of humor.

The successful candidate will also need to have the ability to remain calm and level headed in emergency situations and be totally flexible about …

Deinotherium A Bizarre Extinct Elephant

Deinotherium A Bizarre Extinct Elephant

Deinotherium – Bizarre Extinct Elephants

The elephant family may be represented by just a handful of species and sub-species today, but the fossil record is full of bizarre forms of prehistoric elephant. Normally it is the Mammoths and Mastodons, those leviathans of the Ice Age that get all the attention, but it is pleasing to note a number of European regional museums, especially those in Germany have exhibits dedicated to Deinotherium.

Deinotherium was a member of the elephant family, however, it split from the lineage that was to produce modern elephants very early in the Proboscidae evolutionary history. As a result, Deinotherium genera are not closely related to Mastodons, or Mammoths or even today’s African and Asian elephants.

Regarded as a “Stupid” Elephant

Modern elephants are regarded as being highly intelligent mammals by biologists. The skull of Deinotheres was flattened and lacked the domed cranium seen in extant species, so scientists have speculated that the Deinotheres were not particularly intelligent when compared to the modern elephants. However, there is very little scientific evidence regarding the size of the prefrontal cortex, that part of the brain associated with higher functions such as memory and planning. The European species of Deinotherium – Deinotherium giganteum had proportionately longer legs than other prehistoric elephants. Palaeontologists have speculated that this was an adaptation to a hotter, drier world with large herbivores having to migrate long distances to find suitable feeding grounds. The long legs of Deinotherium would have helped make it a very efficient walker.

Bizarre Tusks of the Deinotheres

The front part of the lower jaw was turned downwards and the two front incisors of Deinotherium formed two tusks that also curved downwards towards the ground in a hook-like appendage. Some of these incisors that formed tusks have been measured and recorded at over seventy-five centimetres in length. Deinotheres had trunks just like modern elephants but the trunk was proportionately shorter.

Palaeontologists still debate the purpose of these bizarre downward pointing tusks. Some scientists have suggested that these enlarged incisors were used to hook branches and pull them down so that the animal could feed more easily on leaves and fruit. Other researchers have put forward the theory that Deinotheres ate bark and the incisors could tear bark from trees. This may have given these large herbivores access to a foodstuff that other browsers and grazers could not exploit.

Analysis of the large teeth of these extinct elephants suggest that they did not eat gritty materials, such as grass pulled out of the earth, they probably preferred forest habitats and they browsed on soft fruits and leaves. There is fossil evidence to suggest that these elephants tended to live in woodland or forested areas, with other types of prehistoric elephant more closely related to modern African elephants living on the open savannah.

Out of Africa

The fossil record shows that, just like hominids, Deinotheres first evolved in Africa. This type of prehistoric elephant spread over a large geographical area, fossils of Deinotherium species have …